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About Me

Things about me you don't need to know

I love cooking.

I love eating, all cuisines and ingredients but particularly Italian food (so much in fact my wife and I married in Italy).

I post regularly on Instagram and you should follow me if you want to see more of my work (link at the foot of the page).

I love nature, mountains and green fields. I'm at home in hiking boots or wellies and always with my camera.

I love animals especially our Border Terrier, Jarvis.

I love Chester and our home in rural Cheshire.

I love my wife and family.

I'm a fully licensed drone pilot.

My Story

They say it takes life changing events to make you really appreciate whats important in life and that's probably true in my case. Having always pursued my career in consulting I lost sight of every other detail of my life. Home became a place to visit and friends and family fell by the way side as I was caught up with my career.

The change started in 2011 when I met my wife. This was preceded by a long period of illness for my Mum and almost immediately followed by the loss of my Dad. That hit me really hard. Having proposed in Rome and set a date to marry (again in Italy) we had to postpone our wedding for 12 months, at short notice, and watch helplessly as my Dad was taken into hospital never to leave. It was Cancer. We knew 18 months in advance and made sure he lived those 18 months doing all the things he had always wanted. We had hoped he could make the wedding but unfortunately that didn't happen.

You can pick your cliche here that fits but the most appropriate would be that realisation that "life is short".

Following these events  I suffered redundancy twice, at the hands of one employer and that proved to be the last straw! After much discussion with my wife we agreed it was time to try something new and here I am today! Doing something I love for a living is a dream come true for me. Sure I earn a great deal less but I am much happier surrounded by the people who matter to me the most. You can't put a price on that!

How it Started

After nearly two decades working in the world of consultancy I left my career in 2016 and decided to pursue my passion for photography as a profession.


I have been an amateur photographer since buying my first SLR camera in 1991 when the bug really bit. I love all aspects of photography but particularly love capturing unique moments in time never to occur again. Having always said I would never shoot weddings I photographed at a friends wedding and was totally hooked. The emotions and peoples interactions are so numerous the subjects are everywhere. Capturing those looks and emotions make for unique and everlasting images.  Coupled with my love of photography and people is my love of pets. I am perfectly at home face down in the mud capturing images of your pets too. The best part of my job now is when my customers see the results of my hard work. 

I earn so much less than in my previous roles but I am so much happier doing what I love everyday. As the saying goes "Do what you love for a living and you'll never work a day in your life". That is certainly how it feels most of the time, except maybe when I am doing my accounts :D

Contact Me

t: +44 (0) 7712 163706


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